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Chinese to Arabic Legal Document Translation


In recent times the Mandarin language (commonly termed as the Chinese language) has progressed quite a lot. This is due to the budding success of China as a country all across the globe and similarly in UAE and Dubai. 

Naturally, the need to translate Chinese into the Arabic language has also increased, especially the demands for official documents that require standard Chinese to Arabic translation, and documents regarding legal matters that require Chinese legal translation has increased much further. 

Using Translation Services

In today’s world, using translation services that properly and correctly translate Chinese documents with all its technicalities into Arabic can play a significant role in the economic success of a company, its product and services.

However one must be certain that the services they have decided to use are adamant about their translation quality as it is easy to miss a part of the information or translate incorrect information while translating from one language to another.

Need for Chinese to Arabic Translation

With every passing day, the demand for Mandarin translation services into Arabic increase further for a range of different documents that cover different aspects and have their own challenges that the interpreter must handle professionally and accurately. These documents include;

Medical Documents

The field of Medicine is quite diverse; therefore, physicians residing in the UAE or Dubai often feel the need to interact with international doctors. They may be residing in China or have Chinese patients. This creates a language barrier and produces a communication gap, especially when making documents like medical reports.

In order to bridge this gap and to leave no room for mistakes, it is important to translate these medical documents and make use of Chinese translation to Arabic services. While translating, there are few things that should be considered by the translator. The nature of the medical document if the information is publically available. If yes, then no compromises must be made on the translation service, or will it be of personal use. 

Medical Documents That Require Translation

Need for Chinese to Arabic Translation

A range of different types of files come under the title of medical documents, all of which might need to get translated from Chinese to Arabic for proper interpretation by the user. These can include:

  • documents for a clinical study
  • statistic-based documents for research
  • insurance claims
  • transfer a patient to another hospital facility
  • claim for a second opinion on a medical matter
  • medical reports
  • lab tests 
  • MRI scans
  • urine tests
  • sputum test
  • blood tests
  • a doctor diagnosis – the list is endless.

One thing which is common for all these documents is the need to hire a translation service that is not only well versed in both Arabic as well as Chinese language. All the technical medical terminologies in such documents as the translated report will be read by professional doctors and medical staff. So, any mistake can have devastating effects so much that one mistake can even cost someone his life. 

Educational Documents

In UAE or Dubai, when students come from China or vice versa for higher studies, there are various formalities that need to be taken into consideration.

This includes various educational documents. If a student plans to study in a country that does not speak his native language. In this case, he must only show documents for admission, which contain the language of the country he is applying for higher studies (Chinese or Arabic).

This is where Chinese translation to Arabic comes into action. One must use these services to translate his or her educational documents accordingly in order to secure an admission. 

The educational documents can include:

  • school transcripts
  • academic transcripts
  • school certificates
  • degree certificate
  • transfer certificates
  • diploma certificates
  • grade sheets
  • passport 
  • extra co-curricular activities certificates to help a student gain scholarships offered by universities in their programs

It is important to make sure that the Chinese translation to Arabic of all such documents should be accurate with zero mistakes and should be done by a professional as inaccuracy can lead to rejection by top universities and colleges.

Legal Documents

With so many Chinese natives coming to live and settle in UAE and Dubai and Arabs forming relationships with the Chinese natives, the need for a common language for legal actions also arises. It is here where the Chinese to Arabic translation services for legal documents come into play.

It is crucial that while hiring a service for such translation, no compromises should be made. Translation of the law can be rather tricky as both law and translation are entirely different entities, but when combining the two and translating the law, no changes must be made in the meaning of the information.

While translating legal documents such as a statute, a contract, a confidentiality agreement, a patent, a witness statement or memoranda of understanding, it must be kept in mind that under all circumstances, the true essence of the text must never be lost in translation

Business Documents

With so many Chinese natives spreading their business in Dubai and UAE and Arabs forming business relationships with the Chinese natives, the need for Chinese translation to Arabic for business documents has increased significantly.

These Chinese to Arabic translation services will help expand the market, make a sound economic impact globally, enhance professionalism as well as credibility, and improve communication between Chinese and Arabic businessmen.

So what kind of documents need to be translated to achieve all of the above? In this case, business documents cover:

  • financial documents
  • specifications
  • technical documents
  • marketing supplies and materials
  • brochures
  • reports
  • manuals
  • catalogues
  • presentations
  • date files or date sheets
  • product descriptions
  • For the online business, it includes software specifications, the content of web sites and software UIs, etc.

All such documents should be translated properly, preferably from a professional translating service in Dubai. The company should translate documents from Chinese to Arabic accurately to ensure the success of the business.


With the growing connections between China and UAE, it is wise to recognize the need to have a translating service. They should be professional in translating various types of documents from Chinese or Mandarin into Arabic accurately and without errors, for the ease of both the Chinese natives as well as the Arabs. 

With the massive geographical expanse of China and several different dialects, learning a new language can be challenging. Each dialect has its own vocabulary and writing system. Hence having a translator that is well versed, well equipped and has in-depth knowledge of the Mandarin language, its vocabulary and dialect seem like the easier alternative. 

Having a translating service that translates documents from Mandarin to Arabic or standard Chinese to Arabic translation means that the UAE and Dubai will prosper in business. Chinese natives use the Mandarin language as the official language for communication with such services. There will be no language barrier, and the Chinese will view UAE and Dubai as an attractive business locality, which means the economic conditions will improve significantly.

It also means that students from the UAE and Dubai can go to study in China by translating their educational documents. Universities in China prefer Mandarin language documents. It also means students from china can study in universities in the UAE, and this improves the overall relationship between both countries.