About us

You are indeed on Destresse-Marketing, the crazy blog of Christian who approaches with a particularly weak philosophy his anarchic way of seeing blogging and webmarketing on a net that is less and less (net … er, ok? ).

My name is Christian Bock, I’m 30 years old and I live in Virginia. Yes, until then, blah.

I was a victim 5 years ago of a serious road accident, which is worth the pleasure of writing to you from a couch waiting impatiently for the next generation.

All that is far from being the main one (especially for those who will read this in a year: I will have 51, in two years 52, in … ok, I stop).

In 2010, in search of easy money (it never tempted you?); I landed on, thank God Google, “make a living through the Internet”!

And there, surprise, the glittering world of blogging and easy money rolling over bank accounts like a hawk on its prey, would unroll its red carpet under my feet.

Why not walk with my big hooves.

How many computers have fallen under the bridge since then (I feel that the third will soon send me his chips to the head)!

I saw only the sparks of a fucking power cable, as for the hawk he was one-eyed, blind with the other eye and asthmatic.

To tell you, I even had to create a blog about stress management that I will read from time to time to calm my nerves and my banker has a giggle every time he sees me.