Best Camper Meal Ideas – Expert’s Campers Recipes

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Eating healthy food that still tastes delicious is hard enough when you have a full kitchen to operate with. Tent camping with limited supplies and no stove or fridge makes matters even more difficult. Coming up with camping food ideas that go beyond breakfast bars, burgers, and s’mores isn’t easy. But with a little bit of effort, you can cook camping meals that are delectable.

Healthy(ish) Camping Food Recipes

Foil Packet Hot Dogs – Growing Up Gabel

Okay, so this recipe isn’t wholly original. Let’s start off basic, though, and work our way to inventive. Okay? For this recipe, all you’ll need are a pack of your go-to brand for hot dogs and a few of your favorite vegetables. We recommend onions, red peppers, and potatoes, but feel free to get creative with this one.

Santa Fe Chicken Packets – Spend with Pennies

Grills aren’t just for hot dogs, bratwurst, and hamburgers. One of the more creative camping recipes we’ve found for the grill are these packets filled with chicken, beans, tomatoes, corn, and cheese. With only the chicken and cheese needed to be refrigerated (everything else is canned) this Mexican inspired recipe won’t take up much of your cooler space.

Lumberjack Breakfast – Echoes of Laughter

♪ I’m a lumberjack and I’m OKAY, I sleep all night and I work all day! ♪

Sorry, I couldn’t resist quoting Monty Python. Making/eating this medley of meat (Canadian bacon or sausage), hash browns, eggs, tomatoes, and green onions might have you singing it too though. Think of this meal as a twist on the first recipe.

Salmon with Herbs and Lemon – Roadtrippers

As you may have noticed, tinfoil is your friend when you’re cooking on the road. Doing dishes when camping can be problematic. Aluminum foil circumvents this issue, ensuring cleanup goes smoothly. For this slightly more complex tinfoil recipe, you’ll need your favorite type of fish, several herbs, lemon, dijon mustard, garlic, and butter. Wrap them all up in foil, cook for 6-8 minutes, and enjoy. Still pretty easy. Here’s some more cocktails you can try in summer.

Paper Bag Eggs – Real Family Camping

Mmm… bacon. Is anyone else getting hungry? It’s dawning on me that writing this article before lunchtime was a bad idea. This is torture. The simple ingredients of fatty bacon, eggs, and your choice of condiments work together to tantalize in this recipe. Just line the bottom of a regular paper lunch bag with bacon, crack an egg on top, fold the top of the bag over, poke a hole through the top of it with a stick, and use the stick to hang the bag over the fire. Remove from the heat and eat when you can no longer resist the smell.

Campfire Paella – Zestuous

Camping food doesn’t always have to be a simple, four-ingredient recipe. We thought we’d include a tougher meal to prove you can make sophisticated recipes even while primitive rv campground. This 11-ingredient meal clocks in at about 75-minutes including cook time. We think it’s worth every minute. I mean, it has chorizo in it. If you can’t wait for chorizo, what can you wait for?

Traditional Hobo Dinner – Brittany’s Pantry

Possibly the most popular camping recipe out there besides hot dogs and burgers, hobo dinners are both essential and excellent. Every camper should know how to cook them. The recipe we’ve included is one of the most elemental versions. However, it allows both the veggies and meat to easily be swapped out without messing it up. The potential for variety in the recipe is part of what makes it a classic.

Going camping with caravan shouldn’t be boring. Cooking camping food shouldn’t be either. If you’ve gotten into a rut with your camping recipes, use one (or all) of these as a change-up. With some ingenuity, you can use several of the same ingredients for multiple meals to make things even easier. As you add recipes to your repertoire, you’ll be a master camping cook in no time.