Looking for a On-site Caravan for Sale

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So, you are looking for a caravan? Well, this site aims to make that process just that little bit easier.

There are lots of honest, reputable sellers out there, but, as in any business, there is also a rogue element who will misrepresent and deceive in order to sell a caravan that may not be exactly what they say. Follow our guide and you will certainly reduce the chances of ending up with a lemon !!!

Our website offers 100% free downloads which include How to make the all-important phone call down to inspecting all the caravan to the final receipt. We will be adding new content all the time so please check back regularly to receive the best advice for absolutely free!

Firstly, when looking for an on-site caravan for sale have a budget in mind and stick to it, For a quick idea of caravans to suit your budget why not try our free price guide. Our price guide covers the most popular makes and models that have been in production over the past 20 years. It is also advisable to print pictures and write the price and year down on back just to make sure the caravan you are viewing is the same.

A lot of people may lie about the year of make on caravans, so always try to get a registered caravan. This will tell you the year and owners etc. When viewing your caravan you will need a Torch, a damp tester, and our guide. It’s also handy to bring along a friend or family member. More will be explained a little later on our website.


Please try to read all our pages, as every bit of information will help you get the caravan of your dreams. If you can’t find what you are looking for or fancy a quick chat then why not join our forum? We hope to see you there.

Well, almost finished. By now, you should have a rough idea of what your caravan is worth. Firstly don’t be rude. People hate having their items pulled down or having you complain to them about the faults. Don’t use silly little faults to get the price down. Remember, you are buying a second-hand caravan, not a new one. A nice opening line to say is, ‘The caravan is ideal for us, but there are just a few things to point out.’ Show your guide and the things you have noted, and politely point them out. Ask if they are prepared to get the price any lower as they did say the caravan was in great condition and working order.

If you are happy with the price agreed, then proceed. When buying a caravan, always use our receipt, available in our downloads section It is a law-abiding contract which will protect you and the seller. There is also a checklist for things included in the sale (awnings, water bottles, etc) Remember to double check that they are there when you drive away.

Well, that’s it. Hopefully, congratulations are in order for you on the purchase of your ideal caravan. Please read our tricks of the traders and caravan horror stories. Hopefully, the information you have gained from our site will come in useful and make your caravan purchase a more pleasant experience.

Every caravan owner knows how important it is to have safe and legal tires. But it’s amazing how many caravan owners fail to spot this. Each year hundreds of caravans are destroyed and many results in serious injuries being caused. The reason why caravan tires are prone to blowouts is due to infrequent usage and the tire walls are overlooked, owners think the tread looks great, however with the infrequent usage comes cracking in the tire walls which when heated on a long journey often become more prone to blowouts.