Country Club Membership Marketing

Practical Country Club Membership Marketing Tips to Help Increase Signings at Your Club

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In businesses like country clubs, you’ll want to find a polite means of treating both customers and members of your club right. If a customer is spending at your club, such person, be it a member or not, should be valued.

It is natural for people to get jealous when they feel other people are getting preferential treatment because of some package or offer they purchased.

However, the truth is that your country club members constitute the primary core of your entire customers. Even when you record low visitation at some point, you can always rely on your country club members to keep on patronizing you.

That is the more reason why you should consider membership marketing for your country club. Like every other business, a country club needs to generate revenue to keep the facility operational and functional. Besides, the owner of a country club will be looking to pay himself from the business’s proceeds at certain times.

If you so desire to grow the number of members in your country club. It is best if you consider exercising effective country club marketing techniques.

However, I wish I can tell you these methods work overnight, but they don’t. Marketing generally is a steady process that requires dedication and time.

Of course, servicing and growing a country club membership base can be challenging, but the challenge is worth the reward.

To grow your club’s membership base, consider implementing the following country club membership marketing idea:

Revamp Your Membership Strategy

If you are the type that believes golf is a sport for the old and aged. It’s best if you do away with such a belief. It would help if you considered going back to your strategy board to remodel your membership packages and benefits into one that fits all ages.

Try your best to develop packages that appeal not to the old alone but also to the younger demography.

Set up Weekend Membership Plans

If you want to maintain and have lots of members in your country club, you’ll want to go the extra mile.

The extra mile here is creating different membership packages so that your customers can choose whichever one suits them best.

The fact that the weekend is the time most working class in America today get off from work is not new. Interestingly, you might get more members through the weekend membership plan than the standard package. Country club membership marketing requires creativity.

Host Fun Competitions at Your Club

Have you ever wondered why auto dealers allow potential car buyers to test drive cars? It’s just a simple strategy to make the buyer develop more interest in the vehicle.

Consider hosting golf competitions at your country club and encourage your members and regulars to invite friends and families over.

In real sense, the competition aims to attract newbies to see your country club and how well it treats its members.

You’ll want to consider sharing leaflets with detailed information about your membership packages to visitors as they enter the club on the day of the competition.

Don’t be surprised when you notice a bump in the sales of membership packages within that period.


A country club needs to generate enough revenue to keep running. Sales of membership packages is one of the top ways by which country clubs rake in profit.

Adopting effective country club membership marketing techniques will promote the sales of membership packages and increase the rate of revenue generation at your country club.