Why Have A VIP Protection?

Why does ETS select only former Special Forces and elite government unit personnel for full-time Executive Protection? Former Special Forces (SF) operators are a natural fit for global executive protection. Formed from the core SF and Elite units such as SAS, Delta, SBS, SEALs, SRR, MI5, MI6, CIA, certain FBI groups, BOPE, DSGE and GIGN, […]

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wholesale food suppliers melbourne

Wholesale Food Suppliers Melbourne

Modern freezing techniques make many of the fish in the freezer section superior to those on the shelf nearby. Why? Because lots of fish are now frozen on the boat, just minutes after being caught, with flash-freezing units that maintain a temperature far below the typical home freezer. Many “fresh” fish are in fact previously […]

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Australia’s largest renewables auction attracts 3,500MW of bids, as state warns on NEG

A large-scale renewable energy auction attracted roughly six times the capacity put to tender in the 650W scheme – Victoria’s first and Australia’s largest – the state energy minister has stated. Victorian Minister Lily D’Ambrosio stated in her address at the event hosted by CEDA (Committee for Economic Development of Australia) that the response to […]

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