Thermal Transfer Ribbons for your Printing Needs

Thermal Transfer Ribbons for your Printing Needs

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While several label-printing technologies are available in the market, thermal transfer printing, involving the use of roll-form labels and printing ribbons, has been gaining popularity recently. This technique makes use of lower heat settings to transfer a printed image to any label. As a result, you will have access to the greatest range of paper and film label materials, as well as a wide range of label adhesives to suit a variety of labeling needs. Full wax ribbons, wax-resin ribbons, and full-resin ribbons are the three primary types of ribbons used in thermal printers, available with any thermal transfer ribbons suppliers

  • Full Wax Transfer Ribbons

The most widely demanded ribbon among the thermal transfer ribbons suppliers is the full wax ribbon. On uncoated paper, wax thermal transfer ribbons are normally recommended. Full wax ribbons are less durable than their equivalents, but they are also significantly less expensive. A wax-based ink is applied on a full wax thermal transfer ribbon. After this, it uses the heat generated by the print head to melt the wax-based ink. This is how the print is transferred to the surface of the thermal transfer labels to generate the desired image on the printed area.

  • Wax Resin Transfer Ribbons

Wax resin ribbons are popular because of their substantially more durable printed area, although they are more expensive than complete wax ribbons. The printing method is quite similar to complete wax printing, in which a mixture of wax and resin-based ink is melted and deposited onto the label surface. The advantage of using this kind of ribbon is that you will obtain a clear and sharp print image. The printed area will also be considerably tolerant of any chemicals, rise and fall in temperatures, or handling mishaps.

  • Full Resin Transfer Ribbons

Full resin thermal ribbons will be significantly more expensive compared to whole wax or wax-resin thermal ribbons. This kind of ribbon is specifically suited to synthetic stocks and non-paper material. It provides the most durable print of all ribbon types. Pure resin ribbons are an excellent alternative for identifying extremely sensitive medical applications and chemicals due to their exceptional durability.

Making the right choice

Thermal Transfer Ribbons for your Printing

Choosing the right kind of thermal ribbon is critical when you use a thermal transfer printer. If you buy the kind of ribbon from your thermal transfer ribbons suppliers, then it will not only affect the quality of your printed labels, but it will also lead to a waste of your money on the wrong product. That’s why knowing the differences between ribbons might assist you in selecting the best option for your printing needs. 


Overall, you’ll always want to use high-quality ribbons, regardless of their kind, to obtain the greatest prints and maintain your thermal transfer printer clean and keep it in good working order. So, consider the needs of your lab and the amount of money you have to invest before placing an order with the thermal transfer ribbons suppliers.