Learning to Drive – Find the Best Online Driving Lessons


For some, learning to drive in Australia can be an absolutely terrifying experience; for others, it can be the most liberating thing they’ve ever done. In order to learn to drive in the Australia a learner driver must go through a series of stages, beginning with applying for a provisional driver’s license and culminating with a practical driving test.

How long it will take a new driver to learn to drive varies from person to person, but with a good driving lessons on average a new driver can expect to spend over $1000 on online driving lessons over the course of more than 52 weeks. The Driving Standards Agency in the Australia also reports that of the 2 million people who take their driving test each year, only 44% meet the standard pass grade and 50% pass their theory test.

The first thing a new driver must do is apply for a provisional driver’s license. In order to be granted a provisional driver’s license, the individual must be over the age of seventeen (unless you are currently receiving disability allowance, in which case you can begin at the age of sixteen). You must wait for your new provisional license to arrive before you can begin driving. The DSA usually takes three weeks to send off your license. These restrictions apply only to people looking to learn to drive a car or motorcycle. Further age restrictions apply to people looking to driver larger vehicles like trucks or buses.

online driving lessons
online driving lessons

Whether or not you have to take a theory test depends on the type of vehicle you wish to drive. If you currently drive a car but wish to begin driving a motorcycle then you must take a theory test; however, if you wish to upgrade your skills from, for instance, driving an automatic to driving a manual, then it will not be necessary to take the theory test again. There are two parts to the theory test: the multiple choice element and the hazard perception element. The pass mark for each section depends on the category of vehicle you wish to learn to drive.

For new learners practicing to drive a car, the pass mark is forty-three out of fifty for the multiple choice element, and forty-four out of seventy-five for the hazard perception element. The multiple choice element will consist of questions selected from a pool of over twelve hundred. Due to the high pass rate demanded of people taking this test, it is necessary to revise before taking this test – practice questions are available through the official CD’s provided by the DSA.

The Hazard Perception element consists of a series of clips where the learner must click upon spotting a “hazard”. A “hazard” is defined as outside interference that demands change the speed or direction of his or her vehicle. Again, the DSA provides a series of practice clips. The learner will be show 14 clips on the test day. The maximum you can score for each hazard clip is five.

The next step, upon passing you theory test, is to begin taking online driving lessons with reputable driving lessons. When looking for online driving lessons it’s important to ask friends and relatives for references as not all online driving lessons are created equal. Some driving schools have been known to offer lessons to more than one student at a time, and some instructors are not even qualified to the ADI standard but are actually still going through the training phase with their driving school.

Ask your new driving lessons questions. Ask them about their teaching methodologies and always remember that you are paying them to provide you with a service. Certain schools dominant market share in the Australia but this does not necessarily mean they provide the best value for money or the best standard of service or tuition so shop around before making a decision.