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Keto Meals For a Month: How to Meal Prep For An Entire Month

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There is no better feeling than going to your fridge or freezer at the end of a long day…and dinner, it’s there just sitting there ready to heat up and eat. I’m convinced there are two types of people in the world: those who prep and those who don’t.

I’m determined to show those who don’t plan meals that it’s worthwhile! I’ll teach you how to keto meal prep and come with keto meals for the month in only two hours!

Keto Meals For A Month: Is It Worth It?

Meal prepping and I are best friends, but it certainly didn’t start out that way. First, I didn’t even want to attempt meal prepping. I was okay with my mediocre chicken and steamed broccoli for the 112th time in a row. Right?

Blogs I researched for recipes kept mentioning that meal prepping should be reserved for a 5 hour window on a Sunday. It seemed like I would be giving away my weekend! Those precious weekend hours hanging out in the kitchen didn’t exactly sound like my idea of fun. But, I finally got my courage up to “give it a try.”

The first time I had a meal preparation experience was a complete disaster. It was extremely difficult due to the fact that I had no experience and choose dishes that were difficult for me to cook.

I remember my husband coming up to me in the kitchen. I was standing over the sink peeling a zucchini with a cheap-o handheld spiralizer…wide-eyed…hungry…tired. He asked how I was doing and I’m sure I probably bit his head off! He didn’t think I would even attempt it again.

This is the Reason I Saved Myself…

Then, I discovered an online blog for meal prep named Salt & Prepper written by Jess from Chicago who is a cook and manage. It’s only natural that her site has very efficient meal prep plans with a PDF file that is printable that includes a shopping list, as well as every recipe card.

Her recipes are simple to prepare, healthy, and typically under 400-500 calories. You can read her 5 meal prep tips to help you start exactly like I did!

How do I prepare Keto-friendly Meals for A Month?

If you don’t prepare for dinner, I’m going to take on the challenge to show you this can be the most effective way to combat dinner anxiety. By using these Keto meal preparation recipes, I could bring back one hour of your time If you begin meal preparation now.

The first step in meal prep is to pick five healthy dishes that are simple enough to prepare as well as save time and cost in the long term. Look over the 5 recipes I’ve picked for below! I promise that it only takes two hours of cooking time to move the ingredients into the plastic dishware.

That’s right! Just 2 hours to prepare an entire month of Keto nutritious food options that your entire family can enjoy. Let me show you the way you can make 50 or more servings of these recipes and leave with Keto meals for a month.

It’s time to split and conquer using the kitchen tools at your disposal including the stovetop as well as slow cooker and even the oven!

Keto Chili

Chili is an absolute #1 staple in my house. It’s so easy to dress up with cheese, sour cream, and pork rinds! This recipe comes from one of my favorite places: Gnom Gnom ran by Paola. This pretty lady is all about the Keto and gluten-free recipes. I even tried her beautiful shortbread cookies recipe for Valentine’s Day and they turned out amazing:

What makes her recipes stand out from others is the time she spends to explain each ingredient in detail and the factors that make it Keto healthy. Her jerk seasoning cooking techniques are meticulous and precise. This is a great dish each time I make it.

The best thing about her recipes is the auto ingredient adjustments. I increase the servings up to 12 when I cook this recipe. My husband is larger servings than the usual size so I usually have approximately 9-10 servings per batch.

What I really love with this particular chili recipe is the flavor that is full and the thickness after the chili has been cooked. A majority of Keto weight loss chili recipes consist of made up of meat, with some additional meat added along with the addition of a few chopped peppers…and this can create an extremely oily dish. I’m not a huge fan of peppers, as sometimes it’s too chunky for me.

With well-browned onions and diced tomatoes this chili recipe is just the perfect amount of flavor and thickness to resemble the full-carb versions.

Chili is usually the first or the second dish I begin preparing. While the chili simmers over the fire, I am able to prepare my crock pot dinner Mexican Chicken Soup from the Low-Carb Yum.

Keto Mexican Chicken

Easy Keto Mexican Chicken | Olivia Wyles

It’s actually a brand new recipe for me to prepare my meals in my meal prep time. Usually, I cook the same meals, but introduce new recipes every now and then to add a little spice (or in case I’m just lazy).

This is one that I came across just a few weeks ago on the website Low-Carb Yum. I love her easy recipe with only three ingredients. I’m a big fan of recipes that require 7 or fewer ingredients (if you didn’t already know!). This recipe is sure to make you spend much less time at the stove, and more time with your family.

Do you remember your beloved slow cooker? It’s a traditional dump-and- go recipe using only 4 ingredients. It takes just 10 minutes to preparation time. The quick preparation time isn’t the only good thing about this recipe. This low carb , high fat soup contains just 5g net carbs, along with 400 calories. The fat content is enough to fill you up for several hours.

If you’re not prepared to commit to preparation of meals it is the perfect recipe to cook on your desk in the morning prior to working. This amazing Crockpot can be programmed and is great for making casseroles and soups.

The idea of having extra portions in your fridge to serve guests or to avoid going out and spending far too much on food is an essential ingredient for meal preparation. So , now you have your chili boiling and you’ve got your Mexican Chicken Soup is warming up in the slow cooker and you’re ready to prepare the casseroles!

Keto Soft Taco Casserole

This recipe can be used to feed a crowd. Casseroles are a wonderful ingredient to include in your meal prep time. It is easy to dump the items into casserole dishes, then bake it. You might have read regarding the Keto taco dish recipe.

Similar to the chili it is possible to dress the dish with chopped romaine, cheese along with sour cream as well as Taco Bell hot sauce. It’ll make you think of the Chipotle bowl or an Taco Bell Power Bowl. You can add even more flavor by adding guacamole and salsa.

The preparation time for this recipe is approximately 10 minutes. The recipe usually yields approximately 16 servings by double the recipe! While your taco casserole is baking on the stove, get started making the next casserole that you can make: cheeseburger casserole!

Keto Cheeseburger Casserole

It was referred to by my husbandas “the best food you’ve ever prepared.” Given that my husband’s tendency to turn his nose at cauliflower, that is a major praise! This dish is great in hiding it that your family will not be able to tell the difference. We love dressing up this dish with mustard and sugar-free ketchup as if it were an authentic cheeseburger.

The preparation time and cooking time of this recipe are identical to that of it’s taco dish. It’s a matter of cooking the ground beef and bacon, then adding eggs and cheese and then pouring it into the casserole dish. I even made use of this same skillet and dish that I used for that taco-based casserole!

I usually get approximately 10-12 large portions of this dish, each serving with its individual”bun” of cauliflower “bun.”

Keto Meatball Parmesan Casserole

The last item on the list are Keto meals meatballs. These can be changed back into an incredibly carb-rich meal with pasta, but I’m sure your kids will not be aware of the pasta missing or the zucchini that is hidden in the dish. And neither will you!

It’s probably one of the “hardest” dish of the 5. I typically have a break prior to when it’s time to cook this recipe due to the fact that the cheeseburger casserole takes approximately 35 minutes of cooking duration in an oven.

Once you’ve poured everything into the bowl, it’s time to smash and smear it all together. Each meatball should weigh about an inch in size when formed. This recipe yields approximately 24 meatballs. I can easily double the recipe and still not be enough to meet the demand.

It’s only 8 servings from this recipe however I’m keeping this on my menu since it’s a popular choice. It is easy to add additional vegetables by steaming the French green beans using the microwave before mixing it into the meatballs.

So there you are! In less than 2 hours it is possible to prepare Keto meals for the monthly family.


If you enjoyed these recipes, be sure to go through all of my mash-up Keto meals recipes and suggestions. There are enough easy keto recipes here to mix and match for an entire month…or more!