indoor outdoor area rugs

Importing Indoor Outdoor Area Rugs


When it comes to rugs for decorating your home, North Africa offers a plethora of amazing quality, colors and designs and, due to currency exchange and cost of living, there are real bargains to be had if you can go there and pick the one you want.

Imagine walking around a market and having the opportunity to haggle and bargain for a true work of art. That is exactly what can happen when you walk through places such as those in Morocco and Tunisia, when your eye falls upon that perfect accent piece you have been looking for.

These aren’t pieces that you can find in catalogues and home decor stores across the world. There may well be replicas around, especially in Europe, but for the authentic piece there is nothing like travelling and actually bargaining your way to secure that fine rug you have always dreamed of.

From start to finish, doing things that way, you will have your unique rug to show off. These are handcrafted on the loom, with skills passed down from generation to generation. The creators of these pieces of floor art, more often than not, the indigenous Berbers, crate the indoor outdoor area rugs simply from creation, not following any set plans. This is what makes the striped indoor outdoor rug both desirable and unique.

indoor outdoor area rugs
indoor outdoor area rugs

So you have secured a rug from the seller in the market place. How do you get it home? Depending on the size, it is possible to wrap it up securely and put it into the oversized luggage area of your flight home. This is viable, but of course you will have to pay for the privilege.

Another way to get a good rug back home is visit an authentic rug store in the town or place you are visiting.

These stores are simply a treasure trove of delight for the rug seeker, for some of them store hundreds upon hundreds of the hand-woven floor coverings.

The style of the North African rug is usually bold colors with lots of recurring geometric shapes and forms that are often symbolic. Some rug stores you can get lost in, but they do offer certain advantages over buying one on the street.

For one, the dealer may be authenticated to give you that extra piece of mind, that it is a true hand-woven, Berber creation. This will help to ensure quality, even if you have to pay a little more because of their overheads.

One of the main advances is that rug stores want your custom and you should still be able to haggle on the price. Price tags as such, are more of a guideline than an actual set in stone price, so the opportunity is there to embroil yourself in the fun of haggling.

The other main advantage is that they should and will, more often than not, offer a worldwide shipping service. This can save a lot of hassle at the airport and of course, transporting the rug from the store, to the hotel, to the airport, from the airport and to your home.

If you are there in person, just check for authentication of the striped indoor outdoor rug and using a credit card for extra insurance is probably a good idea. It will then be a matter of sitting back and waiting for that knock on your door letting you know that your original and unique rug has arrived home.

Our best hint for Interior Design is to use area striped indoor outdoor rug – and the braided striped indoor outdoor rug will suit any modern furnishings.