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How a Swimming Pool Can Add Value to Your Home

Swimming Pools

You would think that a swimming pool automatically adds value to a home. The truth, however, is a little more complicated than that. Without a doubt, a swimming pool offers a lot of value to you, the homeowner. The question is, will it add value to your home when the time comes to sell?

The cost of building and maintaining a swimming pool

Building a swimming pool and buying the necessary equipment to run it can cost you tens of thousands of dollars. With most states requiring pool owners to put up safety fences. It’s safe to say that a swimming pool can cost you a fortune right at the outset. Then there’s maintenance you have to think about. You can do it yourself, or you can hire a pool service to maintain your pool for you. With all the costs involved, you would think that a swimming pool will automatically fetch your house a good price on the market. That may be the case for homes with beautifully-maintained pools, but not so much for pools that show signs of neglect. Pool owners also have to consider the idea that some home buyers might hesitate to buy a home that comes with a swimming pool because of the maintenance costs.

Calabasas pool remodeling
Calabasas pool remodeling

Some buyers really just want a swimming pool

Still, for all the costs and hassles attached to owning a swimming pool, some people just want a pool they can jump into whenever they want, and they wouldn’t be intimidated by the idea of maintaining one. So if one such prospective buyer is hell-bent on having a home with a swimming pool, then you might be able to sell your home at a premium, and that would show that your pool has, indeed, added value to your home.

The importance of pool maintenance

While it’s true that some potential buyers might have second thoughts about buying a house with a pool because of the maintenance, the sight of a gorgeous and visibly well-kept Calabasas pool remodeling can easily change their mind. Sure, a beautifully-designed pool that complements not only your home but the entire neighborhood as well would be very attractive, but keeping it that way takes a lot of effort and dedication on your part, and the results of your upkeep will be what catches the eye of prospective buyers. The clean tiles, the clear water, and the top quality filtration and heating system will all play crucial roles in drawing buyers in and convincing them to pay a good price for your property.

The true value of a swimming pool

A swimming pool provides priceless bonding opportunities for your family, and that alone would already make the pool worth every cent. There’s also the chance for regular exercise without stressing out your ankles. It would also be a great place to entertain friends and visitors. We can count the dollars involved in building and maintaining a swimming pool, but its true value lies not in the final price tag of your house when you sell it, but on the kind of impact it can have on you, your family, and the people who are going to swim in it in the future.

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