Common Accounting Mistakes to Avoid in Your Dental Practice

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Accounting is an essential part of all business organizations. Although several new dental practice owners tend to believe that managing their accounting without help is a great way to save costs – this idea isn’t always accurate.

Managing the finance of your business without adequate accounting knowledge may result in making costly mistakes. Even the slightest error in figures can scatter your books and stall the growth of your practice. As a business owner, you can help avoid that by not making any of these common mistakes.

Managing Everything Alone

When you start up your dental practice, you may want to do everything on your own. Don’t! Try to assign some duties to other staff members. Managing your training on your own is possible, but handling the accounting aspect can take its toll on you. Accounting is serious work and can be time-consuming. It’s best you hire an expert, such as a dental CPA Kansas City, to handle your accounts.

Combining Business Expenses and Personal Finances

Mixing personal and business finance is easier than you think, especially if you’re managing your accounts. It’s advisable to have a separate business account for only business expenses and revenue. But if you have to cover some costs from your personal finances, keep updated records of such costs. This record can be used during tax valuation to get vital tax deductions.

Going for the Cheaper Solutions

Although saving costs is a good move, always purchasing the cheapest option is just a disaster in the making. With most equipment, especially in the dental industry, the cheapest equals the lowest quality. Even when it involves consulting professionals like dental accountants, going for the one with the lowest rate may be a costlier move in the long run. You don’t want to be stuck with equipment that keeps giving you problems or an accountant that keeps making mistakes.

Try to spend a little extra for higher quality.

Not Having Record Backups

When it comes to storing records, it’s always good to have backup copies of your records somewhere safe. Several dental practice owners don’t realize how essential regular back up is to the continuity of their business. With manual records, anything can destroy them, such as fire, or even a freak accident with an office pipe. And if you have data stored on a computer, it’s still not 100% safe as the machine can crash or get damaged along the line.

For maximum security for your business records, always have different backup files in even separate locations. If you don’t want to keep worrying about your record backups, the best thing is to hire an accountant to manage your records. Ensure you hire a dental CPA in Kansas City who uses modern technology too.


As a dental practice owner, you’ll most likely have other things to spend time on than accounting. However, account management is a significant part of the business too. With the tips above, you can avoid the common accounting mistakes made by small business owners and dental practitioners. But if you want your accounts managed by a professional, gain useful business insights, then hire a dental CPA in Kansas City. You’ll be glad you did.