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http://www.rescuerefrigeration.net/ the walk-in cooler are a must for the catering industry or organizations involved in large-scale food supply. They provide vital storage at optimal temperatures to keep food fresh to minimize waste and meet required safety standards.

The walk-in cooler, are not only limited to food, as they have a much wider use. They are required to maintain medical supplies or laboratory at the right temperature, and are also used by suppliers of plants and flowers.

Reach-In Cooler Repair

To ensure the proper functioning of such system, each company must regularly make a serious maintenance and control. Rescue Refrigeration Services provides well installation and walk-in cooler repair. We are industry professionals who accompany you in your projects for over 10 years in providing you with a wide range of refrigeration equipment of high quality.

commercial refrigeration service inc
commercial refrigeration service inc

We can intervene for the establishment and maintenance if necessary your Commercial Cooler Door Repair system in Rocklin, California, via controlled techniques to ensure reliable results. Our goal is to provide you with quality equipment that will guarantee the performance of your services.

commercial walk in cooler repair
commercial walk in cooler repair

We promise to move us up to you to install or repair any refrigeration equipment, as soon as possible. With 10 years of field experience, with 10 years of field experience, Rescue Refrigeration Services truck is stocked with replacement parts That speed up the repair job 80% full at the first visit.

With these helpful acts, it is strongly recommended to check all your refrigeration equipment once a year by professional refrigeration. Rescue Refrigeration Service provides its services in Rocklin, California 24/7 days and has the expertise to do it correctly and cleanly. Our team will check the tightness of the circuits containing fluids, and good ventilation devices, and help you to make the right decisions in case of replacement.

The 10 years of experience we have enabled us to benefit from an exceptional know-how and improve our techniques to satisfy you. Our specialists are qualified to analyze and repair any problem you meeting with your business may refrigeration goods and complete routine service and renovation work to keep your system operating Efficiently. Read More Articles