Basic Link Building Techniques


Linking is one of the most significant elements used for escalating traffic to a website. In order to get links to a website, there are a few basic techniques that can be applied.

Prior to signing an agreement or a bond with a business, it is essential to ensure that along with the agreement, there is an obligation mentioned, stating that, a link should be placed between the two sites. PRWeb enables businesses to create online visibility and exposure. PRWeb is accepted by almost all businesses as they are reasonably priced and also facilitates access to online news indexes as well as established journal and magazine editors. Making use of URL Wire is another means through which the commencement of a website can be broadcast San Jose SEO Company.

Link Building

Yet another way to build links is through Blogs. This technique has been largely adapted by all in order to get more links. Implementing RSS feeds if there is a blog, or if an article is placed on the site on a regular basis, helps group the blogs or the abstract of the articles. This in turn, helps in publicizing the website San Jose SEO Company.

Honestly, you should not have to build links fatly, especially when your domain is new. Building link should be done very carefully and it should look very natural to search engines.

My Link Building campaign:

1) Social bookmarking – 1st step
2) Directory submission – 2nd step
3) Article marketing -3rd step
4) Blog commenting – 4th step
5) Contextual links from theme related pages – 5th step
6) Theme related Blogroll links – Last step

However, with every program or technique, there is a disadvantage. In this case, Google SEO particularly mentions that this kind of strategy is not just and it will cost a lot to a website if at all, it uncovers that the links were bought.